phone: 011 52 613 133 0950
US phone: +1 602 628 2920


Air Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Avg High F 74 76 78 83 88 94 96 97 96 91 83 77
Avg Low F 50 50 52 55 61 69 79 77 75 68 58 62

Water Temperature

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Avg F 63 64 67 72 77 85 89 89 87 71 71 65


Loreto has an International Airport located 3 km south of Loreto and 7 km north of Nopolo. There is a restaurant, bar; and gift shop in the Departures terminal. The airport has rental car agencies including Budget, Hertz, and Alamo as well as Shuttle Services.

Map of Baja with Driving Distances
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Sport fishing is one of the most poplar activities in Loreto. A wide variety of marine species are available to catch most of the year. Thanks to an increasing demand, this sport is also a main support of the local economy. Local businesses offer the tourists different options, from affordable rental of boats and and pangas to luxurious yachts and cruisers. They offer fishing trips, sightseeing, kayaking and diving with complete and comfortable conveniences.

The exotic nature of the marine species you can catch from Loreto beaches are the main motive for thousands of tourists coming every year to this destination. On e of the most wanted species is the beautiful Dorado. Followed by Blue Marlin, the Swordfish which demand experience and endurance for catching. We also have many other species which are very fun to catch, such as Tuna, Carbrilla, Wahoo, Jurel, pargo, Sierra, Mero, Pezgallo, Grouper and others.

There are rules inside the Marine Park of Loreto that govern sport fishing. We ask you to choose service lenders that are well trained as they will provide you with all the current information, such as permits, licenses, etc. Your only concern will be to have fun! You don’t need to have a lot of experience to enjoy being on the water. The small species offer great fun for amateurs that just want to fish for relaxation and enjoyment.

Fishing Season

High Season Medium Season
Dorado June, July, August, September, October May, November, December
Marlin June, July, August May, September
Roosterfish January, February, December March, April, October, November
Sailfish June, July, August, September May
Yellowtail January, February, March, April May, November, December
August, September, October July, November
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Making a simple telephone call has a complex range of possibilities and questions. Where is the call originating from and being directed? Are you using a landline or a cell phone? Is the call local or long distance? Not all cell services work in Loreto and currently ATT / Cingular has the best service from the USA. Inquire with your service provider to include a Mexico rate plan to have your phone operate here without roaming charges. Alternatively, you can buy a Telcel cell phone for less than $50 USD and buy minutes whenever you come to town. Here is a quick guide to making calls to and from Loreto.

United States/Canada to Mexico

Mexico to United States/Canada

Within Mexico

Good Luck!!

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Loreto Police:
Telephone: (613) 13 50035

Loreto Fire Department:
Telephone: (613) 13 51566

Telephone: (613) 13 50035 or (613) 13 51111

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