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La Paz

While La Paz can be quiet and peaceful, it’s also the commercial hub of Baja, and offers shopping, entertainment, restaurants, bars, clubs, a beautiful new marina, a range of hotels and resorts, and much more.

Even though La Paz was home to neolithic hunter-gatherers more than 10,000 years ago, this inhospitable land was barely populated until the 19th century. La Paz is the Spanish word for “Peace”, which is no coincidence. This lovely city is the State Capitol of Baja California Sur, and home to roughly 250,000 people. The beauty of La Paz is its location in a large bay on the Sea of Cortez Coast. This area provides safe and warm waters for thousands of marine animals.

Today, thousands of visitors per year flood to La Paz to enjoy its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, ocean wild-life, culture, entertainment, and more. La Paz is located on the Sea of Cortez, which the famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau dubbed “the aquarium of the world.” Bountiful flora and fauna make this one most sought after diving and whale watching locations in the world. Just outside the city are deserted beaches, tranquil bays, pristine islands, and the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains.